Next application period for the Winter Semester 2016 for international students will start 1st January 2016 and last until 1st May 2016.

Next application period for international students from EU-countries (Winter Semester 2016) will start 1st January 2016 and end 15th July 2016

From Winter Semester 2016 onwards the International Master Program Biomedical Engineering will last 4 semesters instead of 3


Joint Research
TANDEM - Center of
Excellence for Technology
and Engineering in Medicine

Module Specialization in Electronics *

Modul Number: XM 1100
Work load: 180 hrs attending lectures + 180 hrs self-studying
Credit points: 12
Coordinator: Prof. Martin Ryschka
language: English
Subjects: Design of Medical Electronic Devices, Image Processing, electives from list I (overall 6 hours per week)
Aims: The students shall acquire consolidated knowledge of current important medical products used in diagnosis and therapy. The students shall be enabled to independently develop medical products according to relevant standards. The students can manage development processes in medical technology and have the ability to apply innovative methods in problem solving. The students shall be prepared for the international labour market and should have the ability to work and communicate effectively in national and international contexts. The students shall learn to apply research methods.

* to be chosen as an alternative (specialization Electronis or specialization Mechanics)


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