Next application period for the Winter Semester 2016 for international students will start 1st January 2016 and last until 1st May 2016.

Next application period for international students from EU-countries (Winter Semester 2016) will start 1st January 2016 and end 15th July 2016

From Winter Semester 2016 onwards the International Master Program Biomedical Engineering will last 4 semesters instead of 3


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Starting Life in Luebeck

Welcome to Luebeck! For general questions and pre-arrival information here are some important points you may want to consider about life in Germany and especially in Luebeck.

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Basic information for new students

Studying in another country exposes you to other cultures, coping with other people and their different habits, and possibly - even speaking another language. This can cause excitement, happiness, culture shock, or homesickness, but all in all it will expand your personal horizons and be a great time you will never forget. To make your transition as smooth as possible, and your stay comfortable, it is essential to prepare your stay abroad beforehand well in advance.

Studying in Germany means to behave self-contained and active; you have to organize yourself very well. There are challenges which might seem hard at the beginning but will prepare you very well for your post-graduate life. For instance, it is common in Germany that students search for an internship without aid from the university. This is a very good exercise for possible future job searching. Altogether, students in Germany benefit from their studies, in broadening their academic knowledge and maturing as an independent.

Below, we have listed several links where you can get further information about life in Germany in general as well as practical advice for your stay in Luebeck.

Information Guides for new students:

Pre-arrival information for new students in Luebeck:
Pre-arrival information such as health insurance, bank accounts, and dormitories

General Information and FAQ for international students in Germany:
International Students in Germany

Life in Germany: useful webpages

German language

Many people in Germany speak English, however it is always good to have a basic knowledge of the language of a country. We advise students to learn German, as it is necessary for cultural integration in your everyday life in Luebeck. In the first semester, we offer a special German course. In the second semester students might attend a German course at the University of Luebeck. In addition, there is always the possibility to attend German courses outside of the university, e.g. at the "Volkshochschule" (on one's own expense).

Living costs

Total living costs in Luebeck per month: approx. 700 Euros

Rooms & dorms

Dormitories in Luebeck

Warning: Due to construction work the "Studentenwerk" offers less rooms than usual!!!

The "Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein" offers rooms in several dormitories. They are located on the campus as well as in the city center. Prices per room and month vary between 200-300 Euros.

You may apply for a room early, but you will not be notified until the end of July or beginning of August. Please refer to Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein, select “WOHNEN” on the left, and then use the English menu items. Here, you will find further information about the dorms and the application procedure. The official deadline for applications is July 15th.

Flats and Private Rooms in Luebeck

Please look on campus at the university's cafeteria notice boards or use the internet:

Note: Several of the above webpages do not offer English versions.

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