Next application period for the Winter Semester 2016 for international students will start 1st January 2016 and last until 1st May 2016.

Next application period for international students from EU-countries (Winter Semester 2016) will start 1st January 2016 and end 15th July 2016

From Winter Semester 2016 onwards the International Master Program Biomedical Engineering will last 4 semesters instead of 3


Joint Research
TANDEM - Center of
Excellence for Technology
and Engineering in Medicine

About the Program

The initial Master's Program in Biomedical Engineering in Luebeck commenced winter semester 2002/03.

This program's coursework is divided into three semesters. Each study program begins in winter semester, it is therefore not possible to start studies in the summer semester.

First semester students will be enrolled individually in courses to establish a strong breadth of fundamental knowledge. Students with degrees in electronics, information technology, mechanical engineering, physics, process engineering, materials technology or mechatronics will be enrolled in introductory courses for medicine and medical technology.

Students with degrees in medical technology will be enrolled in courses focusing on the development of technical skills. Each year, from September to December, a free intensive German course is usually provided for BME students.

During the second semester, students can enroll in specialized courses. The common basics developed in the first semester will be expanded upon in practical applications. This coursework will mainly focus on project-oriented teamwork. The university normally offers varying levels of German courses each summer semester.

Third semester students will complete an internship (research project), as well as prepare and write a Master's thesis.


Curriculum - valid from winter semester 2016/17 - not yet officially

Structure & Curriculum

Please be aware of the changes in the curriculum. There are new exam numbers in the new curriculum.

Curriculum - valid from winter semester 2013/14

Curriculum - valid from winter semester 2012/13

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